The Beginning in June 2007

-Born a 1972 Monte Carlo "H" Code 350-2 barrel car
-Factory Cruise Control and Tilt steering
-Silver w/ Black Vinyl Top

This car in a previous restoration was changed to solid Red color, and buckets/ console/ tach and gauge package was added. Also a 1971 SS only rear bumper was installed as you see in the pic below.

This car was in kind of sad shape at the time. Luckily rust was minimal even with 6" of water in the trunk at one time, and pounds of leaves caked in around all the corners of the car.

So I had my engine already being built, a 1973 454 out of 3/4 ton pickup. The engine block was date coded and turned out to be a 1973 block out of a passenger car, so it was only a 2 bolt main, but only had 30k miles on it since it was re-manned by GM, and already 0.030" over bore. The engine was a very smooth running 454. But my plans changed in a hurry...

This is the 454 while being built. A Set of Aluminum Pro-Comp Heads with about a 7 angle valve job was installed at this point. Richard Savage from Liberty, NC built the engine.

Work had started full steam ahead on the Monte, as I just knew she would be on the road in fall of 2007.....

Lets fast forward to APRIL of 2008! And the only driving I had done of this car was pushing it around the yard. But then arrived the Engine....

462 CI.
-Engine was bored .010 more for scarring found, putting it 0.040" over

Then onto Fall of 2008, November 1st....

Engine broke in good, and first got it running. But the next order of business was the 12 Bolt Rearend.

The plan, build a Bullet Proof 12 Bolt capable of handling high HP, but also be capable of driving it on the street.

What I got was this... April of 2009

ULTIMATE 12, Strange 33 Spline Axles with their new street/strip setup capable of street driving and drag racing. True Positraction. Richmond Gears. Not a cheap setup but reliable.

Finally after not driving it much in the winter with Distributor/Timing problems. Basically we tried to save money (BAD THEOREM) by going with an off brand distributor that copied MSD, but it didn't work out. What I ended up with was an MSD 6AL Ignition Box and a Pro-Billet Locked Out Timing Distributor.
It has NO Weights or Springs inside, you set you timing dead on say 36 degrees, that's what you see on the balancer with the timing light. No visual Advance.

I finally made it to the Drag Strip in May of 2009, running a best first time out of 8.31@85 MPH. Huge Bogging issues off the line, I was running Slicks and Mufflers.
The very next week, I dropped to an 8.001 with open headers.

I went back to the Track a month or so later with a friend's 750 Double Pumper. The car in the run above went 7.78. Making it the first time in the 7s. Still running open headers, slicks on 93 Octane.  I was matched against a Ford Lighting Pickup, and beat him. I removed the Air Cleaner and dropped to 7.66 and then another 7.67 pass the same night. That was good for a .1 in the 1/8 mile.

Shifting on the column wasn't gonna work and letting the car shift itself was not doing it justice....so the next time at the Drags I bought a $20 Quick Silver Ratchet Shifter.

Immediately dropping the ET to 7.48@91 MPH outrunning a Supercharged Cobra Mustang, yeah that really draws attention to you...
One problem with running at an IHRA track is you have to follow the rules. I was warned and next pass ran 7.50. But on the 3rd pass I hit a 7.47@92 MPH. Which meant it was time for these....

A 6 point Roll Bar was installed by JP Automotive Performance and Racing. It is a built from scratch Roll bar welded to the frame at all 6 points. No pre-made Junk.

Then I just couldn't resist a Pro-Systems Carb, at the last time at the track in November of 2009 I went a badly prepped track 7.41@92 MPH. This was also with the added weight of the roll cage.

January-April of 2009 PAINT JOB with lots of help from Kevin Wiles. He took care of all the rust repair, the spraying of the primer and paint, and some body work. I done body work, and most of the block sanding and wet sanding. Kevin also buffed the entire car once done, a truly pain steaking task it turned out to be.

Doors, fenders, etc were removed. All door jambs were stripped completely to the metal, and a complete color change was performed.

 All steel body parts were sprayed with 2 coats of Epoxy Primer from Finish Master in Anderson, SC. Where Jimmy was very helpful in not only honoring my Tech student discount but also with technical assistance in the mixing of paint, etc.

My good friend Kevin Wiles you see spraying High Build 2k Primer in the picture above donated countless hours of his time over the 3 months of doing metal fabrication, body work, and spraying. About 175 hours in this car was him. Another 150-175 was me. I learned a lot about bodywork during this restoration. Just remember when you're blocking, use BLOCK at all times, and X Pattern, you'll be ok, and don't go to far. Remember Kenny Rodger's Song..."The Gambler" while doing bodywork. Listen to it and do what it says!

At this stage above paint was getting closer and closer. With several weeks out of school I was over everyday block sanding with 320 then finishing with 600 Grit. Finally we were ready for color On the Door/Fender/Trunk Jambs.

Overspray on the body had to be sanded with 600 grit, then all that was left is get a paint booth and spray the car!

Mr. Whitfield the instructor of Auto Collision at the Williamston Career and Technology center had became a friend, I told him I needed a booth, he worked it out. So the car was painted in their Air Force 1 Paint Booth.
-4 Coats of LIMCO BaseCoat was applied in Blaze Red Crystal Pearl
             (2008 Dodge Truck Special Order Color)
-3 Coats of DUPONT Chroma-Premier Clear Coat was laid down

I couldn't have picked a more dead on color for this car. In the evening it changes back to a more burgundy tone, in the sunlight its Candy Apple Red disguised in Base/Clear Coat.

After cutting with 2000 Grit paper. Not a very good pic. More updated pics coming soon. Check back for pics of the paint in the sun now that's its good and cured, the installation of chrome and interior. And finally this car's debut at the 27th Annual Electric City Classics Show n Shine.

June- New Drag Race Suspension (coilovers, 90-10s, Harnesses, Wheel Studs, Line Lock completed)

July- Re-Assembly and Interior (All new chrome, etc)

August 6-8, 2010 Debut Car Show, IT WAS DONE. Won Best in Class.

I've since been back to the drags and went 7.56@90 MPH though the mufflers.

The "finished" if want to call a car ever finshed. RICEKLR in the same spot they day I got it.

Since I called the car "done" Here is a few more upgrades. Brand New made from scratch front door panels. They are made of particle board desk top material, and not cardboard. I also eliminated the arm rest, and used Chevy truck inside door handles. (not pictured)

Custom made vinyl decals for the engine made to look like factory. Also a full engine compartment re-detail.

Update 6-24-2012......In November of 2011 the car ran a 1.58 60 foot on a 7.42 pass @ 90 mph through the mufflers, this was on 10 year old tires I just got rid of for the ET street radials. I goofed and let out of the throttle on the first cone, this was an east 7.3xx pass. The capability of this car may never be known.....

New Pic taken 6-24-2012