1957 Chevrolet

1957 Chevrolet 2-10 2-Door Hardop
Bought Oct. 2011 in Louville, KY
 Fortunately it has the correct 57 Interior, front and rear

After a first 350 engine and tranmission did not work out, a 10k mile 350 Crate Engine will be going in along with a high performance TH-350 transmission and towing converter. Keeping things stock as possible will allow for optimum gas mileage. The gear in the rearend will be determined and a higher road gear will be installed if necessary.

UPDATE.... January 31-2013 . The car has been updated to Power Disk Brakes, and runs and drivers great laste year. Unfortunately the gear is way to low in th rear, somewhere around 4:11. So a higher gear ratio will be installed in the future.

The Wiring Harness is toast going to the rear of the car and I have no brake lights or taillights. That will have to be addressed.

The Car has a new TH-350 trans built by Cooks, same as in ricklr.
I also scored a 10k mile Goodwrench 350 for $850.
July of this year I found a very nice set of 57 Hardtop rear seats at a swapmeet, and it no has new tires on 15x7 Rally Wheels.

Progress is Slow, but its a 57!