Monday, June 25, 2012

New Trans and Converter

Picked up a good core C4 transmission from my want ad on craigslist, and Speed Theorems' Jared took it in for rebuilding at Cooks Racing Transmissions in Cowpens, SC.   Ordered a new converter with a 2800 stall thru Savage Engines.   Also obtained a nice used B&M Bandit Shifter with cable.   The car is now pretty much complete on the mechanical side.  All that is missing is a radiator, fuel pump, fuel lines, and a driveshaft.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New ET Street Radials


Bought brand new M/T ET STREET RADIALS from Savage Engines & Parts
28" Tall
9.5" Wide

Upgraded from 26" 10.0" wide M/T Drag Slicks

This really helped the stance of this car, not only that but the ride and feel is a lot different now, also it made my gear ratio slightly higher, if I ever run a 1/4 mile pass, these will insure RPM through the traps.