Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Golden Jubilee Officially Finished !

Here is the finished product along with my wife's grandmother on the night it was unveiled to her.

It was an absolute honor to restore the tractor. All the way I was looking forward to the day I could reveal it to those who knew it before, when Jennifers grandfather would use it to bushhog around the old homeplace in New Cumberland WV. New radiator, hoses, belts, fan shroud, alternator, exhaust manifold, muffler, tailpipe, breather, gauges, fuel line, headlights, seat cover, decals, solenoid, wiring harness, junction block, battery, cables, switch, distrubutor, cap, coil, points, plugs, spark plug wires, valve job, some sheet metal, gaskets, toolbox, emblem and countless other small parts, etc.
This will be the last post about the tractor. Now its time to work on the F-Bomb (see the F-Bomb link above)

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