Sunday, August 29, 2010

Speed Theorems Sexy Tractor?

Here lately we have been working on a tractor. So what is a race team doing working on a tractor? Well, this is a classic 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee. It was my wife's grandfathers tractor. It runs good but thats about the only good thing you can say about its condition. It's been completely taken apart and we're slowly putting it back together with refurbished/restored parts. The plan is to have it finished by either the Christmas parade, or at the latest, the Townville Tractor Show. After the tractor is done, we start on the F-Bomb (see link above)

Due to requests here are some "before" pictures.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well if you didn't come to the Electric City Classics 27th Annual Show n Shine you missed one heck of a good show.... On Saturday night at the Cruise-in at McDonalds combined with the cars in the show I would guess atleast 350 total cars.

We had 6 Montes total in attendance. And I debuted my finished "RICEKLR".