Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More sheet metal work on the 70 C10

The patch panel progress continues on the 70 C10 Project.  Just knocking out a little at a time.  Fenders are rust free, now on to the drivers door bottom (shown below).  I think I'll buy a new passenger door as the rust is a little more extensive.  This has been a good way to get back in the practice of working with sheet metal before I tackle the rockers and cab corner area of the truck.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Check out the parts that came with the 70 C10 Project I bought

Tons of small new parts.  Little detail pieces.  Odd, considering how far it is from finished.  At the end you can see the one thing I have installed; A patch panel for the front of the fender (rusted due to the battery leaking)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

1970 C-10 Project

Hey its Kevin here, posting for the first time in a while.  A lot has happened since I last posted.  The Fairmont project was completed and enjoyed for a while, then sold.  The beloved Coke Machine was sold to the Coca Cola company, I purchased a minty 1975 GMC Sierra Grande and I'm getting ready to start a new project, a 1970 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside, which I hope to provide updates on here.   Jared and I here at Speed Theorems have enjoyed a few car shows over the past few months and even the Charlotte Auto Fair, where we bought enough parts to fill a blazer and 2 cars.   The FGMCC is holding its eastern meet in Georgia this July which means we will both be able to attend.

Here are some pictures of the 1970 C-10   It was a complete truck which was disassembled for restoration but never completed.  I have all the parts that came off it except the seat and the windshield.   It had about 10 boxes of parts including a bunch of new parts.  This will be a long drawn out process of restoration, as time and funds allow.  First order of business will be new floors, and rockers.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Been a long year, Have not posted much... Ye Olde Speed & Sport Emporium LLC is now an official Business. We supply most all American makes and models with parts. We specialize in GM Cars from 50s-80s. BRAND NEW REPRODUCTION PARTS from many quality companies, please call me direct for information, more to come, also a website dedicated to the business 1970montecarlo.com

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Most Swap Meets Ever.

Cruise Ins and Car Shows are wrapping up for the year. I have been very busy and have not made many post or updates here on the site, I own several other domain names and they now link to this site. Punch them in and check them out! Time does not allow me to post every part I have or pictures of everything, my inventor constantly changes. I know I say 64-72 GM A-body and that is true, but 99% of everthing I have comes from 70-72 Monte Carlos, its just what seems to find me. I have branched out into the 55-57 Parts just a little when I find something I'm familiar with. Since it is an interest of mine, and I own one I do buy parts when I can.
and of course Speed Theorems.com

I quit my full time 12 hour Shift Job late February and went full swing into parts and partial auto restoration with the plan of doing that till I get me a gravy job that is Mon-Fri or less, living in our part of the country with a low cost of living lets you have more leniency when it comes to this kind of thing, or anything I can possibly do to stay afloat and pay the bills. What it led to was me attending more Swap Meets than ever, using the excuse that "I have to" now.
Here is some of the shows I have attended, but first here is a few coming up.
The Northeast GA Swap Meet has been having good attendance for a monthly show, I highly recommend it, there next to last meet will be 2nd weekend of November, Moultrie GA is the 3rd, and it all wraps up at the Daytona Turkey Run Thanksgiving week. 6000 cars and a Swap Meet I would compare to the size of the Green Field of the Spring Charlotte Auto Fair.
I have attended 12 or more Swap Meets this year some of which are...
Spring and Fall Charlotte Auto Fair..... http://www.charlotte-autofair.com/
Northeast Georgia Swap Meet (Atlanta Dragway Commerce, GA) (6 or more)
Gear Jam Vintage Drags/Swap Meet " "
Shades of the Past....more of a car show, small swap meet.
Maggie Valley (new show started here)
Fletcher, NC (formerly Maggie Valley)

The Turkey Run is locked in unless any bad circumstance arises, and I am going to try to make it to Moultrie, GA for the Fall Swap Meet, that would be the first time for me there. Last Year the 40th Turkey Run was my first ever, I was very impressed.
There is also a Swap Meet in Perry, GA in November.
So, attend one of these Swap Meets, a good True Swap Meet is hard to find these days. Some are littered with stuff you find at a women's outlet store, Brad at the Northeast GA one has took a stand to keep that junk out! I commend him for that, they have 200+ vendors every month, thats actual people selling parts, not spaces Sold! $20 for all the space you want. By far the best Bang for your buck, and your home by 1 pm on a Saturday. $5 admission

But the Largest Swap Meet in the US has to be the Spring Charlotte Auto Fair, $10 admission daily. They do sell spaces and they can get pricey, but for what is there is by far the best one going. I've never been to Carlisle or Hershey or some of the CA meets, but how could they be much bigger, if any than that one, its crazy big.
So enjoy the rest of the year, hopefully you can head South for the final shows of the year. No better way to spend Thanksgiving than in Warm Daytona Beach, Fla. I eat Turkey dinners for 22 years on Thanksgiving Day, that is way overrated. Have it early and head to Florida!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Gauging Interest in me organizing a meet up for deep south members, anyone is welcome as always...

With the Eastern Meet headed to KY, I want to do something to encourage a meet geared toward Deep South Monte folks at the Chevy High Performance Nationals May 30- June 1st this year 2014.
This will not be something just thrown together, I want it to be successful. Folks driving from farther away need to keep in mind this is a big show and well worth the trip, very similar to a Super Chevy but IMO even better... They will be plenty to do for the whole family in Commerce, GA. For the women, Tanger Outlets is just a few miles from the DragStrip, with plenty of Restaurants, and Hotels.
I can get a Hotel where we can all stay at, and try to get a special rate or better rate for us. I will also plan some activities in the evening, there is a go Cart/fun park several miles from the track also, as well as have us a Restaurant to eat at. I know how to give it a real Eastern Meet Atmosphere, been there done that.
So do you live Florida, South GA, Alabama? Maybe you live in SC, NC, TN? Here is your chance to attend a multi day car show with many FGMCC members in attendance, the more the merrier! This is not an FGMCC meet, so you do NOT have to be a dues paying member to attend, once you attend I will bet you want to become a member though. smile
THATS WHY I'M STARTING NOW, I need some response from the people I don't talk to on a weekly or monthly basis, please do not hesitate to call me 864 940 2146 for questions or info.

See event Website here... CHPNationals.com
Drag Racing
Auto Cross
Professionally Judged Car Show
Swap Meet
Car Corral.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Updated Car Show Infomation... 10-6-13

I have updated the Car Show page.
Here is the new info...



There will more than 15 Awards as stated on my handout flier, an email has been sent to Upstatecarshows.com to change it on there as well. There will atleast 8 Classes. I have 24 Class Award 9X12 plaques to be given out. 12 Speciality Awards.
-3 Best Paint
-3 Best Interior
-3 Best Engine
-3 Attention to Detail (cars that could win all 3)
 Best of Show Trophy

HELP FOR JUDGING IS WELCOME from Car Show participants, your will of course be judging a different class than your own.

HOT DOG PLATES ON SALE, price will be determined, most likely $5.
 Any profits will go to St. Judes Cancer research hospital, other donations are welcome as well.

We will have an Automotive Artwork vendor there that is donating some door prizes, he does very nice work!


Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've added a car show link for the Ye Olde Car Show, check it out for all the most up to date info!

Returning after 23 Years, the last show was held in 1990 in Connecticut. That is where the Real Speed Shop existed, one of the last of its kind, Ron held a car show from around 1985-1990 with it expanding to upwards of 300 cars in the last year. The speed shop was sold in 1992, and no longer exist. At that time Ron and his family moved to Anderson, SC. I met Ron in 2006, he was 1/4 mile mile up my same road! He gave me permission and rights to use the speed shop name, and with that the name will live on in his memory, and make people remember the REAL TRUE Speed Shops of years ago.
A little background of who I am:
I am a hobbyist of Classic Chevrolet Cars and especially 70-72 Monte Carlos. Through my lifestyle and interest in these cars I've accumulated quite a few parts over the last 7 years. From now on Ye Olde Speed & Sport will be just that for 70-72 Monte Carlos, and other interchangeable 64-72 GM A-body parts. I enjoy finding parts, you never know whats still stashed away out there as I've come to find out, driving thousands of miles on the hunt, visiting swap meets, car shows, Junk yards, etc has yielded some interesting adventures but has helped me keep my cars on the road.I have to sell parts to keep buying them, but the fun for me is finding them. But Inventory piles up fast and it has to go to keep me going elsewhere, finding more, and to keep improving/restoring my own projects. I don't work on anyone else's car I have my own hands full enough. The Story of Speed Shop is awesome, I'm thankful to be able to keep the name out there. If you was to know Ron or heard of this shop back in the 80s in Connecticut, feel free to call me or email me, I'd love to hear from you! Jared1970MonteCarlo@yahoocom

Friday, April 19, 2013

UpDate for Charity Car Show

Updated Flier
UPDATED Flier for Ye Olde Speed n Sports Annual Car Show on November 2nd, 2013 below. INCLUDES PRE-REGISTRATION INFO. Final details will be worked out within the next week before the first weekend in June. No less than a Top 15 Awards is what we are going with, if a pile of pre-registrations was to come in that number CAN GO UP! Check here for more info. I will be adding a car show tab at the top of the screen.

The Annual
Charity Car Show
A&D Auto Sales/U Save Car & Truck Rental's New Location! 3489 East River Street Anderson, SC 29621

$15 Entry with Top 15 Judged Awards* Best of Show * Food * Door Prizes
Mail Pre-Registration forms to Jared Richey 234 Rushton Road Belton, SC 29627. Please include, Full Name, Year, Make, Model, and $15 check or Money Order.

For the most up to date information call 864-940-2146 or visit SpeedTheorems.com (Click on Car Show Tab)
In memory of Ron Shurkus

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Announcement Coming Soon

In the coming days or within a few weeks at most I will be making an announcement. Thats all I'll say for now. Stay Tuned! Until then enjoy a few pics...

25k mile 54 corvette 1 of 1 with its special documentation.


Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Project. U-Code 402 1972 Monte Carlo

Aquired a new project a few months ago, bought it to re-sale, but decide to keep it and build it for myself, Monte #3.

The Good...

402 Big Block Engine date code May 10 1971
TH-400 Trans
12 Bolt
Buckets/Console with factory Saddle Tan Interior
12 Bolt Rear
Rally Wheels
Floor Pans good
Roof Solid
I have most all parts.

The Bad....
Entire rear window channel rotted out
Tail Panel Shot
Trunk Floor will be replaced

The Plan!!! Very Simple...

Body off Frame
Keep factory Saddle Tan
Paint Blue
Make Nice Big Block Driver car, primarily stock.


Today 1-31-13

When I make a decision, I jump on it, just took me a few months to decide to do anything.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shady Side Dragway Hot Rod Rumble 2012

Had some fun at shadyside Dragway on Sat. sept 29th. No ETs given. Just good fun. My wife filmed this with my grandpa riding passenger.
She also got to ride along, I tried to stay focused on that run anyway....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saying Good Bye

This week Belton, SC will have to say good bye to the 64 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85. My late friend Ron's Cutlass will go to be in Virginia with his Son, Ron Jr.
I hate to see this car go and leave the area, but I know Ron Jr will take good care of it and enjoy it like Ron would have wanted.

Ron in fall of 2011 with his wife Sharon

Ron was the Founder of Ye Olde Speed & Sport Emporium in the mid 1980s in Manchester, CT. His memory and speed shop lives on here in Belton, SC and @ speedtheorems.com